I should really just auto-format these posts so they just start with an apology for slackness!  Thank you so much to everyone who came to our last gig.  It really blows my mind that we’ve had two sell outs in a row now and once again it was such a special afternoon.  It was so great having our first workshop and Jemma was the perfect person to start these off.  I can’t believe that was my first time seeing the Captain of the Lost Waves, even getting me up dancing (all videos have been removed from the internet and future offenders will be begged to stop so please don’t!) I was mesmerised, such a talent.

We’ve added our May gig so please get involved with tickets, we’re going for a chilled out psychedelic/indie so enjoy!  We are also so lucky to have Kelly Boyle running an art workshop so get in touch ASAP as there’s only ten places available for that.

In other news our Summer gig (July) will be our fifth (!!!) Birthday party so for the first time we’re having some bands return.  No names allowed yet but I can confirm that all three have HEADLINED previous sold out gigs from different years.  Believe me this one will sell out within a few weeks after being announced so you might want to get your ticket at our May gig where they will be on sale first.