We managed to track down Danny and Beth (aka the most awesome siblings in Leeds) for a quick chat about Cheap Good Craic before their headline set at Youth Anthems 17.  Take it away..!

Why Fleetwood Mac?

Fleetwood mac are universally easy to love, the song writing is great and its all really fun to play with each other and its fun to play to audiences because it makes people really happy and nostalgic and its always a good time.

For Youth Anthem-ers (that’s a phrase now) unfamiliar with the works of the band, what are your top songs to start with?

Go your Own way and Don’t stop – If interested in further research check out the stories behind these two songs and how they tell the two different stories of the relationship issues in the band.

What sort of gigs do you find yourselves playing?

We just play for fun when people ask us to. So we have done friends weddings, new years parties, Xmas parties and now this

Top tips for playing in a covers band?

Cover songs that you love and embrace your inner Stevie Nicks

Do you ever force an argument in the band before a gig to create the classic Fleetwood Mac tension? 4

Hahaha yeah before we start every band practice we role play and get pretend married in various couple combinations and then at the end we get pretend divorced and then to be sure we are in the right head space we spend the time between practice and gig estranged.

Where else might we recognise band members and what have those bands been upto?

You’ve got 3 members of jesus and his judgemental father, one member of beards and a member of demitaves. You can find jahjf on the youth anthems compilation cd and also can get their latest album it might get better on the internet

Pros and cons of being in a band with a sibling

We cant think of any cons. But pros: sibling vocal chords are similar so its really nice to sing together, we know each others brains so its easy to bring it back together when you make a mistake, its fun playing with yr best friend