The Free Shop

The first Free Shop (run by the awesome Kate from Grotbaby) was at our May 2015 gig.  This was a massive success and people very generously donated a huge amount of great Children’s and adults clothes as well as some fantastic books and toys.  We now host the Free Shop at all of our gigs.  We encourage people to come and drop off any clean, non-damaged clothes, books or toys and feel free to swap them for some that are already there.  You don’t have to take anything away, you can just donate and you don’t have to donate you can just come and have a look and take some away.  This is a totally judgement free environment.



Here’s how Kate describes it: “The Free Shop opens up the opportunity for grown-ups to talk to little ones about charity, and sharing. Maybe your little one picked up something from the Free Shop, and could be encouraged to donate toys they don’t play with anymore. It’s also a good lead into finding out what causes your kids might feel strongly about, and learning how to support those causes as a family. I want the Free Shop to promote research, learning and communication about charitable causes and direct action!”

Any items that are leftover at the end of the gig will be donated to local charities that can ensure that they arrive with people who need them.  We are open to suggestions of local groups who might benefit from future donations so please get in touch with Kate if you have any questions or ideas.