I really can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that Chrissy has agreed to play one of our gigs.  If you’re a fan of James Yorkston, Bjork, Joanna Newsom or King Creosote then you are going to be a happy camper at our next gig!  Perhaps those are lazy comparisons but I hope they give you a good idea of the level and type of musicianship to expect.  That’s not to mention the fact that should Chrissy decide to stop playing music (and everyone who’s ever heard her hope’s she won’t!) then she’d have a fine career in stand up comedy with her entertaining between song chat (though it’ll be fair enough given the tough PG friendly crowd we have at Youth Anthems if she drops this a bit..!).

So have a listen to some of her music HERE and then whilst you’re enjoying that have a read about what she has to say below:

What’s the best Birthday present you’ve ever received?

In a very practical, Capricorn-esque sense – probably my first guitar and practice amp I received for my 13th birthday – which is still the electric guitar I use in my pop band Joyce Delaney! But equally it could be my polka-dot hot water bottle which has saved me and many other houseguests of mine from the brink of desperation / illness.

 What’s the best advice you’ve been given that you’d like to pass on?

In the depths of misery last summer I got into a habit of buying and entirely demolishing, in single self-destructive sittings, whole boxes of Tesco free-from cornetto’s. During one of these particularly bleak cornetto sessions, while still wearing my gym clothes spotted with melting droplets of ice cream from cornetto’s 3 and 4, I began to feel a strange sense of purpose (v unusual at this point in my life) – and behind my eyes I saw and felt a vision – like a technicolour misery mirage – it was me on a ladder, eyes closed and contented, painting in huge lettering which I later circled – “When you are kind to yourself, you are more easy to be around”.  Which, I think, is probably true. A couple other golden nuggets of advice I’ve been gifted by the universe include: “It is so nice to wake up in the morning and not to have to tell someone that you love them. When you do not love them anymore” Richard Brautigan, “Love Poem” “The theory that people are always searching for their other half is bullshit. Don’t let anyone. Not even a God. Tell you that you are anything less than whole.” Eros is Bullshit: a poem.

What’s the best thing for musicians about living in Scotland?

I can’t really speak with any authority for places outside the central belt but – the best thing for musicians living in Glasgow is the scene! There’s so much going on all the time, and a lot of it is really exciting and unusual – for example, there’s a lot of rly hardworking folk who put on touring bands, a lot of mixed performance / cabaret nights and so many inspirationally creative people making whatever art they want!

What’s the best thing for you about Leeds?

WHARF CHAMBERS. I’ve had some of my favourite nights ever there and I think they provide a rly vital space for the city (and cheap drinks!!!! YAS) But also, the veggie sausage rolls out of Poundbakery. It feels like a purposeful slight that we don’t have access to these North of the border, and I cannot WAIT for the day we get a Poundbakery in Glasgow

What are the best bands out there that we should be listening to?

HERE ARE MY FAVOURITES FROM GLASGOW – Breakfast Muff, Rapid Tan, Joyce Delaney (my band), Finn LeMarinel, Lawrence Made Me Cry!!


What is the best cake?

On the Biscuit-to-Cake spectrum I think my favourites tend to lie slightly to the North of centre – so cookies, rocky roads, millionaire shortbreads etc. would be my preference. But that being said a vanilla cake with Irn Bru icing never goes a miss!


What’s the best thing we should all do to prepare for a Chrissy Barnacle gig?

I’ve had a long think about it, and with some advice from my friends in Ay Carmela who I am staying with before we drive up to Indie Tracks we’ve come up with some suggestions. None of these suggestions are strictly necessary to enjoy the set – for that you only need an open mind, and to have felt a feeling. But if you’d like to prepare for any eventuality afterwards (as I do) you might want to follow these steps. Check that you’re home water pressure is adequate and plenty hot water is available to take a renewing and scorching/cleansing shower when you return. Find and place next to your bed a notebook and pen so may write unrestricted. (We must all remember our lore is our best and most important creation.) Finally, prepare to go out into the world and YOLO with new found passion.