When I first heard that these four amazing people had started a band together (each a total and utter musical lovely in their own right) I thought that there was no way the band could be as good as the individual parts that made it up but I am so happy to have been proven wrong. ¬†Crumbs play joyful angular poppy new wave music (in an absolutely non-pretentious way) and I’m so happy that they’re doing so well right now (a Marc Riley live session has just happened, they’ve toured with Cowtown and their recordings are fab!).

So I’m very very happy to have them at our next gig. ¬†Here’s a (very) brief chat with them so tuck in:

Who are Crumbs? You all look familiar so where might we have seen you before?

Crimewatch, but it wasn’t us we were framed by 4 escaped criminals who stole our clothes from our washing line.

What sort of crumbs are your favourites?

The ones you find amongst the dust that live inside the sofa, they have the most texture and flavour.

What’s it like being in Crumbs?

Very fun, like 500% fun. More fun than a bouncy castle with a ball pond in it. Almost as fun as balancing a big bowl of soapy water on top of the door and then shouting for your Mum to come in.

What sort of influences led to the sounds you make?

Bad ones, like the naughty kids at school.

What can people at the gig expect from the band?

Free stickers, bad jokes, talking too much about our pets.

Who are your favourite Leeds and non Leeds bands?

The song Cha Cha Heels by Eartha Kitt and Bronski Beat is our only influence, but we learned how do do the dance routines from Whigfield.

Where are your favourite places to visit in Leeds on a sunny day?

Our house with the curtains drawn.

Rumour has it there’s a teacher in the band. What are their top tips for people still at School who might be at the gig?

Eat lots of sweets and be nice to animals.

Parting words?