We put on family friendly, accessible to all, non-profit fun/coffee/cake filled matinee gigs in Leeds and Brighton UK. ┬áHere’s what we have coming up.

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YA#27 Miranda Arieh, Daniel Versus The World, Gelfling

Date - 26/04/2020 Time - 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Where - Wharf Chambers, Leeds

I’m going to run (the unlikely) risk here of stating right now that this gig will sell out quicker than anything else we’ve done at YA (for now at least..!). I am more than proud of any line up I’ve put on but this one really is one that you look at and think “This is waaaay too big for a matinee at Wharf Chambers” (in the most lovely way to all involved). I’ve wanted all three bands to play at YA since I first heard them all but I never thought the stars would align with people’s diaries so that they’d all be on the same bill.

So…without further ado, alongside cake, face painting, a full bar and all the other fun you’d expect at one of our family friendly, all ages matinees we have playing for your pleasure:

Miranda Arieh
I know? Pretty awesome eh? Miranda is without a doubt a Yorkshire legend (and I’m sure beyond these Northern boundaries). Artist rather than “just” musician really is the best term. Miranda is also a wonderful mental health campaigner and is the perfect role model for all the young people coming to our gigs. Musically and performance wise imagine something in the mix of Kate Bush, Lady Gaga or Annie Lennox but frankly it’s a difficult event to compare to anything else.

Daniel Versus The World
Both on the same bill?? I’ve wanted to get Daniel Versus The World playing since I first heard their incredible album “Remember Who You Are” back in 2016 and was just blown away by it. Stunning, heartfelt, piano led anti-folk sitting somewhere between The Magnetic Fields and Ben Folds.

I stumbled across Gelfling after Naomi from Martha shared a video online (possibly the Smashing Pumpkins cover?) and I’ve been listening to their raw, often ukelele led acoustic indie/grunge since. This will be a really special opener.

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