I’m going to own up to some serious biases here when it comes to Grotbaby.  They’re all pals of mine and have some serious history when it comes to Youth Anthems (half of them having already played at previous YA gigs with their other bands, others making sure the bands sound as amazing as they can or helping out with the door, creating our colouring in book or creating and running the clothing swap).  However…!  Regardless of all of this, I think Grotbaby would be one of my favourite bands even if I didn’t know them.  Mixing up a range of sounds from 70’s London punk to 50’s New York pop I think they’re going to be a lot of people’s new favourite band and I think they’re a perfect band for our gigs (so much so that I’m taking a gamble and having them open on the 7th rather than an acoustic band for the first time in our history – normal service will resume in May!)

So here’s Singer Kate to tell us more…

Who or what is a Grotbaby?

Grotbaby as a band are a bratty punk 4 piece based in Leeds made up of me (Kate), Loll, Danny and Brendan! A grotbaby is someone who has an undeniable cute factor, but who loves to say a big ner ner to authority! Also.. All grotbabies must love our songs!

You might all look familiar to some people coming to the gigs, where might we have seen you before?

Well our bassist, Loll, was a founding member of the Fierce Babe Network, our drummer Danny heads up the incredible band Jesus and his Judgemental Father and also works hard as a sound engineer for a whole host of bands, Brendan our guitarist is also in Get Human AND new Leeds band Settle For Anything and you’ve probably seen me (Kate) manning the swap shop at previous Youth Anthems gigs! We’re a busy bunch!

Photos from your first gig show you all in your PJ’s? Where does the Pajama vibe come from and might you all be a bit cold with Winter here?!

I’ve been in love with the song Pajama Party by Annette Funicello ever since I heard it playing in a store in Japan. I just knew I had to cover that song one day. Luckily the others liked it and it works well with our sound! We don’t take ourselves too seriously, so the pjs on stage reflect that! If it ever gets too cold we’ll just don those polyester onesies and risk the liklihood of constant static shocks!

Your sound is a lovely mish mash of sounds, from 1970’s punk back to 1950’s girl bands. What are the bands that you think are an influence on Grotbaby?

That’s such a tricky question to answer! Personally I love really obvious older bands like the X Ray Spex, The Slits, The Dickies, The Ramones, Buzzcocks..blah blah blah.. I adore girl groups from the 50’s And 60’s, especially if they have a bad girl biker vibe! Also basically everything out of the riot grrrrl scene, politically charged punk (anything from Bragg to Grace Petrie), bands with an obnoxious bratty vibe like Klark Kent, Tonight and The Flakes, anything surfy, and finally I get a lot of inspiration from silly things like the Josie and The Pussycats soundtrack and basically any band with a novelty schtick! And that’s just me! Everyone else brings their own influences and inspirations that make Grotbaby sound like Grotbaby!

What does 2016 hold for Grotbaby?

We’re planning to play more gigs, obviously, and we would love to have some of our own tracks recorded (maybe even on some kind of split cassette with another favourite Leeds band?!)

Favourite baked goods of Grotbaby members?

I love bread.. Like, I really really love bread. Danny likes biscuits, I think he might turn into a biscuit one day! Loll likes any kind of savoury pie, but if it’s sweets you can bet she’ll go crazy for her dad’s gooey chocolate volcano pudding! Finally Brendan is a fiend for a bakewell tart!

What can people expect from you on Feb 7th?

A completely mad pajama party experience, awesome merchandise and catchy songs (maybe, maaaaybeee even a new one!)

Anything else you’d like to add?

We want you to come wearing your pjs if you want! Bring your favourite teddy bear or blankie and get ready to rock!