I’ve been a massive fan of Nervous Twitch since my band played a rather odd but lovely gig with them at The Fenton where we bonded over a love of Dan Electro basses.  They’ve just got better and better (evidenced by their incredible album and 7″ released last year) and they harness a wonderful and unique blend of ’70’s New York punk with Dick Dale guitars and a lovely layer of New Wave.   Believe me when I say you’re in for one heck of a treat at the February 7th gig.  Here’s a few words with singer/bassist/keyboardist Erin:

How would you describe Nervous Twitch in five words?


How did the band form and what changes have there been since?

Well, it would be hard for me to answer that without writing an essay, but in brief; Jay is the only original member, I used to be the drummer, Ash has been with us a long while and Emma a short while. We’ve had a few line-up changes in the past, however, it’s meant that we have met lots of awesome people and had the opportunity to play with loads of great musicians, but it works really well at the moment and I personally would love it to stay that way!

What’s being a band in Leeds like?

Having Jumbo Records in your bands’ hometown is great; they have always supported us with new releases. Leeds has a wide variety of different venues or promoters that has given us the opportunity to play with loads of awesome bands. It’s also handy being central in your own country when it comes to playing out of town.

What would your ideal gig line-up be?

We’d like to say Ramones, The Beatles and Nirvana, but with the majority of members being dead: a super group of the left overs maybe? But that would mean 3 drummers and a bassist. Emma suggested that maybe they could be put in a big brother style house and forced to write an album. Would it be any good? Have I answered the question?

Favourite cake of each member?

Ash: Battenberg

Emma: Victoria Sponge

Jay: Cheese Cake

Erin: Jaffa cakes.

What can people coming on Feb 7th expect?

Pop-y, Girl Group esq songs with a punk, Eddie Cochran rock ‘n’ roll vibe. Also the pre-sale of our new single! (Out on Punkfox records).