High Fives all round!

I had a lovely coffee with the good people at City of Sanctuary Leeds today. We had a nice chat about how we can help be a welcoming bunch of folk to new arrivals in the UK and hopefully we’ll have some really exciting musicians appearing in 2016.
I was also really happy to give them a cheque for £450 from Youth Anthems which will be helping them continue their great work. Massive thanks to everyone who has bought one of our colouring in books or come to our gigs as its your money that’s been given. Huge thanks to the bands who played our benefit gigs (both YA #10 and the evening gig we arranged) so massive cheers to The Velveteens, The Seven Inches, Tea Leaf, Cordell, Syslak, Get Human and Crumbs.

Huge thanks to people who continue to donate clothes I heard a lovely story today about a family who arrived in Leeds the day after our last gig with only the clothes on their back and were given a package of clothes for all family members just from clothes from the gig the day before so nice one!

So let’s crack on, loads more gigs in 2016, keep buying the colouring in books and we’ll have a new exciting project which you’ll all love and which will also hopefully raise a nice wedge of cash for City of Sanctuary.

Nice one!

Better late than never!

Better late than never!

I  was just browsing this here website (somewhat arrogantly I guess?!) when I realised I hadn’t updated it since before our last gig.  Sorry!  I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that came down for our second Birthday.  It was everything we could have hoped for and more.  All of the bands really put on the best show possible (Protectors’ medley of the Twirlywoos and In the Night Garden theme tunes was a real highlight!) and the Birthday cake(s) from That Old Chestnut were phenomenal.

We’ve got some fantastic things up our sleeves for the rest of 2015 and into 2016 (if some of these potential projects come off then my mind will truly be blown so stay alert!).

One thing we can (and have!) announced is our next gig on November 1st 2015.  I’m so pleased to bring you this line-up as once again I think we’ve been able to traverse several genres and scenes with something for everyone (well 60’s garage pop, indie-pop-punks and acoustic ballads anyway which I think is a good stretch!).

The flyer is below but find out more on our gig page and on the Facebook event.




It’s our second Birthday and I’m becoming aware that it might be a busy one (or everyone’s playing a big prank on me and I’m going to be sitting alone eating a whole lot of cake!). This might well be our busiest one yet so I just wanted to list some things that might it a lot more fun for everyone…

1. Have fun!

2. Wharf Chambers is a good size but with there being lots of young people in I don’t want it to be too packed as this can get uncomfortable and frankly scary!  As such I don’t think we can really let a whole lot more than 100 paying people in (we once had 95 people paying in as well as 30 young people and that was a nice ‘packed out’) so regardless of whether you just want to see the first, second or third band (I’d recommend watching all of them if you can!). I would strongly suggest coming down by 2pm to ensure that you get paid in and stamped so that you can to and fro as you like. I hope we don’t have to put a sold out sign but if I think it’s getting too full we might need to. If this does happen then next gig we will look into advance booking (now watch my hubris come crashing down with a low turn out!).

3. If you can bring as near to exact change as possible it will stop me head exploding (I only got a C at GSCE maths and that took a load of revising!). No major worries if not though.

4. If you have any Women’s or Children’s clothes or any toys that you would like to donate to Together Womens Project then please bring them down as we will have a collection for them.

5. Have fun!

6. If you have any questions before Sunday then feel free to drop me a line on youthanthems@gmail.com

7. Mine’s a black coffee, a slice of cake or one of those posh cranberry drinks in the glass bottles if you’re asking

Haaaaaaappy Birthday to us!

Haaaaaaappy Birthday to us!

OK folks so here’s our second birthday bash!  There’s full information on our gigs page and on Facebook but there will also be some rather splendid bonus news being announced soon too!  One of the big differences at this gig is that we will be having the clothing swap again with leftover clothing being given to Together Women’s Project who do some incredible work in the Leeds area (and across Northern England).  We will also be hosting a Food Bank collection for the first time too so please take a gander at the list we have here and bring along whatever you can.

This is going to a true banger of a gig so make sure you spread the word!




The day after each gig I always end up saying “That was the best one yet!” but come on, what else can I say?!  We had a great turn out on Sunday, the bands were just perfect; a lovely opener by Patrick Craig, playing well beyond his years, fantastic soulful acoustic music.  I knew Finnmark! were great but live they were something else, lovely, soaring indie-pop, I can’t wait to pick up the album when it comes out this week.  They’re also playing in Leeds next week with The Coopers so be sure to head on over.  Then Sonic The Comic, who knew such fun could come from two people, a guitar and an iPhone (and whatever that hi-tech watch was doing!).

Kate also did a great job with the Children’s Clothing swap and three huge boxes of clothes are now winging their way over to PAFRAS.  We’re going to continue this at all future gigs as well as becoming a drop off point for the Leeds North Foodbank so head on over to the new pages on this site for more information on both of those.

So onwards and upwards, here’s to our next gig (our second Birthday!).  We might even have a bigger announcement about that coming soon, so make sure you ‘like’ us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (or just keep checking back here!).


Children’s Clothing Bank at Youth Anthems

In an effort to not get lost in apathy after today’s election result we’re linking up with members of the Fierce Babe Network to do a bit more for our community.

We’re aware that people are really struggling with the basics right now, so we will be hosting a Children’s Clothing Bank at all future gigs (starting this Sunday!).

This means that if you have any (clean/non-damaged) children’s clothes from new-born onwards that you no longer have a need for and would like them to go to people who might be in need of them then please bring them to any of our gigs.

We will then have boxes (separated by Children’s ages) where we will place the clothes so that you can come along and take them away.

So please come along and donate and please come along and take.

If you would like to come to this but can’t afford the entry then just mention that you’re here to look at the clothes and that will be fine, no judgements or further questions.



Thank you so, so much to everyone that came along yesterday afternoon.  It was such an upbeat and fun gig and it was great to see so many new faces along.  All of the bands were totally ace and because of their generosity in not taking a fee it has meant that all of the door money has gone to providing Wharf Chambers with a brand new baby changing table (one of those posh wall fitted ones!) so hopefully we should see that arriving in the not too distant future.  I’m glad the cake went down as well as ever (another sell out for That Old Chestnut) so I’ll have to be quicker next time as I missed out on the Tiffin (but managed to get some chocolate orange cake so don’t feel too bad for me).

The next Youth Anthems gig will be in May 10th.  More info on our gig page or over on Facebook but there’s a flyer below.  I’m thinking of something different for the Summer gig but we shall see if logistics get in the way of pie in the sky thinking (watch this space!).

As ever do feel free to get in touch with comments or suggestions and I’ll see you all soon.



So that was 2014..!

So that was 2014..!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the gig last week, I think we can agree that a good time was had by all?  I was blown away by all of the bands, they are all at the top of their game at the moment so to have them all on one bill was a real treat (as were the cakes as ever – good link?).  It was great to have Christine from PAFRAS with us and she seemed to be getting in the spirit of the gig too!  We raised just under £160 for the charity once Gift Aid was included so give yourselves a good pat on the back.  Our next gig will be in February and once again I’m really happy with the line up.  There’s more information on our gigs page but here’s the poster.  Any questions or thoughts for how we can improve in 2015 or what we should continue with then just get in touch.


Nice work Team!

Nice work Team!

Woooow!  What a gig, not only did we manage to wrangle 65 people away from a lovely hot day into Wharf Chambers but due to the generosity of all of those people (and especially the bands) we also managed to raise £170 for St. Gemma’s Hospice.  If you weren’t able to attend or would like to give them even more money then feel free to visit the Just Giving page that this cash has gone to and make a donation: https://www.justgiving.com/TobyChelms/

Once again a HUGE thanks to the bands, The Three Amigos who were just sheer magnificence, their choice of covers were inspired (Iron Maiden never sounded so beautiful), Get Human (who managed to empty the room of toddlers but had the 6-9 year olds dancing down the front) and of course the phenomenal Esper Scout who just blew the roof off the place and I imagine there will be a ton of new young bands inspired to start from them.  A huge shout out to Danny who made the sound levels just perfect this time too!

Right onwards and upwards!  Our next gig will be a benefit for the amazing local charity that is PAFRAS, there is a Facebook event HERE or head over to our GIGS PAGE to find out more.