Every month we post about a band who we think deserves a little bit more attention. These aren’t sponsored or paid for in anyway it’s just a chance for us to tell you about a band we might have seen or heard that we think you’ll like and encourage you to buy some music of theirs. I love it when I discover a new band through a friend’s recommendation so hopefully we might be able to do that for you.

October 2016 – Radio Partizan

For the past month I haven’t discovered a huge amount of new music.  Truth be told my listening has largely been dictated (and believe me I’m using that word in context) by my four year old Daughter so it’s largely been Taylor Swift and Now...

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September 2016 – Gerrard Bell-Fife

I saw Gerrard Bell-Fife play last night and it was incredible.  He is one of the greatest artists I’ve seen for a long whilst and we are so lucky in Leeds/Bradford to have him as a local musician. We are definitely going to have him play at a Youth Anthems gig at some...

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