For the past month I haven’t discovered a huge amount of new music.  Truth be told my listening has largely been dictated (and believe me I’m using that word in context) by my four year old Daughter so it’s largely been Taylor Swift and Now That’s What I Call Disney (although in fairness to that album this is probably the best pop song I’ve heard this year).

However, my being behind the times with local bands has panned out pretty well for me as I finally got around to seeing Radio Partizan and can now recommend them to you.

Now whilst not 100% family friendly (there’s a few swear bombs in there so perhaps a bit of pre-listening would be handy!) Radio Partizan are such a refreshing band that I had to share them with you.  Perhaps best described as post-punk with a hint of PiL or The Stranglers about them, the band manage to avoid drifting into the more mundane territory of these bands by also taking influence from more forthright 80’s punk’s such as The Dead Kennedys, New Model Army or The Adolescents.  By mixing up such a bag of sounds and having dual male/female vocals the band really are hard to place which for me is a terrific starting point.  If you’re looking for a way to introduce the Children to a brief history of punk whilst finding a new favourite band for yourself then you could do a whole lot worse than starting here.