On May 10th we have Leeds via Kingston’s Patrick Craig opening proceedings for us so I thought we should find out a bit more about this chap before he brings his folk-punk sound to our ears…

Could you introduce yourself and tell us how you ended up playing guitar in Leeds?

Hello. I’m Patrick. I’ve been playing guitar since I was a kid, and gigging since I was 16. In 2012 I moved to Leeds to start a degree at Leeds College of Music, and thats how I’m here.

What are the positives and negatives of being a solo performer rather than being in a band?

Positives – I can take gigs without having to check stuff. I don’t have to split the rider with anyone. I don’t argue with bandmates.

Negatives – it’s quite lonely. You make friends on the road touring and that but sitting on the last train at Manchester Airport at 2am with broken headphones isn’t that fun. And my brain is dull, so i just argue with myself…

How does being an artist in Leeds compare to other places you might have lived?

I’m from south west London, and there is a cool local scene there, but its a little limited, because its not too hard to head into town or anywhere else for shows, so there isn’t the diversity in the concentrated area that there is in Leeds. I think in Leeds there is much more of a DIY ethic in that bands just want to play, rather than have moved to London to find management. I’ve never had a bad show in Leeds either, the audience has always been lovely, whereas I’ve had a few rude people in the past in other venues.

What would you recommendations be for other bands/performers both in Leeds and the rest of the UK be right now?

My favourite local bands at the moment are Trudy and Irish Boxing. They’re some friends from Uni so I’ve seen them from the beginning, but they’re both great bands. Another recommendation would be Sanchez vs. Fighter Pilot, who are an amazing band in Kingston. They’ve got a great local fancies, but as soon as they hit they’re going to hit hard, so make sure you check them out.

What advice would you give to people who wanted to pick up an instrument and start off as a musician?

Start. Just do it. It’s going to be tough, you’re going to get frustrated, but do it. And do whatever makes you happy with it. You want to play Bach sonatas on piano? Put the work in and it’ll pay off. You want to write punk songs on two strings of an acoustic guitar? Exactly the same. There’s no trick to getting into it, or a secret thing to do that makes it easier, you just have to do it.

Best gig you’ve been to in the last six months?

I went to see Tiny Moving Parts, Into It. Over It. and Modern Baseball not that long ago at the Brudenell. That was a crazy show, some amazing musicians playing some great songs.

Top three gigs attended?

My top three gigs where I just sat and watched the headliner with awe:

Get Cape Wear Cape Fly – Final tour, Brudenell Social Club September 2014 – I cried, I’m not going to lie. Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager is an album that hit me at the right time, and was one of my first major influences.
Andrew Jackson Jihad – The Fighting Cocks October 2014 – I’d only heard a little bit of them before I got booked for the show. So I listened to a bit more, and actually managed to catch an in-store from the frontman Sean before the show. Acoustic he was great, but as a band they were incredible. It was a tiny room, and the perfect atmosphere for an amazing show.
Beans On Toast – New Slang July 2014 – An education in crowd control. A perfect showman completely owning the room, and getting everyone involved.