Thank you so, so much to everyone that came along yesterday afternoon.  It was such an upbeat and fun gig and it was great to see so many new faces along.  All of the bands were totally ace and because of their generosity in not taking a fee it has meant that all of the door money has gone to providing Wharf Chambers with a brand new baby changing table (one of those posh wall fitted ones!) so hopefully we should see that arriving in the not too distant future.  I’m glad the cake went down as well as ever (another sell out for That Old Chestnut) so I’ll have to be quicker next time as I missed out on the Tiffin (but managed to get some chocolate orange cake so don’t feel too bad for me).

The next Youth Anthems gig will be in May 10th.  More info on our gig page or over on Facebook but there’s a flyer below.  I’m thinking of something different for the Summer gig but we shall see if logistics get in the way of pie in the sky thinking (watch this space!).

As ever do feel free to get in touch with comments or suggestions and I’ll see you all soon.