I saw Gerrard Bell-Fife play last night and it was incredible.  He is one of the greatest artists I’ve seen for a long whilst and we are so lucky in Leeds/Bradford to have him as a local musician. We are definitely going to have him play at a Youth Anthems gig at some point but I would highly reccomend that in the meantime you head on over to his Bandcamp and download some of his music. Pay something if you can, whatever you can afford but I think even downloading the free stuff would be cool. I have no connection or friendship with Gerrard (though he does seem lovely!) I just think we have a huge talent in our community and I feel it would be unethical of me not to point this out!

I haven’t got a huge amount by way of reference but I’d certainly be thinking that fans of Bon Iver, Bright Eyes, Nick Drake or just fans of folk, americana, lo-fi and the like would be into this.  Also if you’ve seen Friday Night Lights (and if you haven’t then get on it!) his cover of Devil Town will have you weeping on the 33 Bus into town (for example, not that I did).