Sonic The Comic will be headlining the next Youth Anthems gig and I couldn’t be happier about it.  The duo play computer game influenced indie-pop/punk and will get you dancing and thinking in equal measure.  Lovely music played by lovely people!  Here’s a little bit information about them, so get familiar and then get down the front when they play.

What are your names and where do you come from?

I’m Stef, from Wolverhampton, and she is Sarah, from Northampton.

What’s the history of Sonic The Comic and what’s with the name?

We started writing little cute twee indie-pop songs together when we starting hanging out in a romantic capacity, and over time we’ve gotten a tiny bit less twee and now we sound like a bit of a shouty indie-pop videogame band! We’ve just finished our second album Atoms, and it’s actually really good!

The name came from finding out that we were both huge fans of the UK Sonic the Comic comic in our separate childhoods, and it just seemed like a good name to have as our band name. I’m secretly wondering whether we’ll ever be told to stop using the name.

Making music, making computer games, making comics, making videos, making drawings. What came first for you two and how do you actually find any time to play computer games??

Sarah is arty through and through, she arts all the time. She is an artist first and when I can get her away from her desk we occasionally manage to write songs. I’ve always been music first and make computer game-y music in my spare time. We started making a videogame but really didn’t get far – it’s still on our to-do list!

Sarah always has her PS Vita close by so she plays loads of quick games on Binding of Isaac, which she is basically obsessed with. I play loads of different things but I got really into Dragon Age Inquisition recently which was a really nice big RPG game. I guess we fit videogames into all the spare slivers of time that we get!

What sort of bands do you normally play with and what sort of places do you usually play?

We play with indie-pop bands mainly! In little cool venues and living rooms and bars. One day I’d like to play an outdoor festival stage maybe!

What bands would you consider an influence?

We’re both really into a guy called Fishboy from Denton, Texas. He writes really great songs with great overarching storylines and really good lyrics. I’ve always been a big fan of Los Campesinos and Johnny Foreigner and I think that definitely shows up in places – Los Campesinos especially ignited my love for shouty vocals and bleepy synths. I really like Hop Along and would love to write stuff like them – they’re pretty special. I got into Ted Leo and the Pharmacists recently too, let’s say those as well. Oh! I really love Trust Fund too at the moment, Ellis writes the best choruses.

OK tops… Top three bands, cakes and computer games?

Stef Bands – Hop Along, Brand New, Johnny Foreigner Cake – Jaffa, French Fancies, Chocolate Fudge Games – Dragon Age Inquisition, Final Fantasy IX, WWE 2K15

Sarah Bands – The Mountain Goats, Barenaked Ladies, Alkaline Trio Cake – Sarah’s Mum’s Chocolate Cake x 3 Games – Binding of Isaac Rebirth, Digimon World, Borderlands 2