OK folks it’s nearly time (this SUNDAY!). Here’s what to remember:

1. Have fun! Honestly that’s what it’s all about. Just enjoy yourselves and try and help other people enjoy it too.

2. If you have any spare change there will be cake, FACE PAINTING (!), lovely hot drinks (much needed coffee!) as well as merch from the bands (including our own CD and colouring in books).

3. We’ll have our Free Shop so feel free to come down and peruse the stock. Any items left over will be going to a range of local charities.

4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring ear defenders for your Children. There are foam ear plugs at the bar but these are really only suitable for older Children (around 10+) so make sure you have suitable protection for younger ones. The bands will be at a suitable a volume as possible but this is live music so will still be on the raucous side at times.

5. Get down for 2pm to see all the bands (and get a good spot!).

6. If you want some peace of mind then tickets are on sale from Jumbo Records (in person or online here: http://buff.ly/2tk7Ms1) until 4:30pm on Saturday.

7. Have fun!