It’s our second Birthday and I’m becoming aware that it might be a busy one (or everyone’s playing a big prank on me and I’m going to be sitting alone eating a whole lot of cake!). This might well be our busiest one yet so I just wanted to list some things that might it a lot more fun for everyone…

1. Have fun!

2. Wharf Chambers is a good size but with there being lots of young people in I don’t want it to be too packed as this can get uncomfortable and frankly scary!  As such I don’t think we can really let a whole lot more than 100 paying people in (we once had 95 people paying in as well as 30 young people and that was a nice ‘packed out’) so regardless of whether you just want to see the first, second or third band (I’d recommend watching all of them if you can!). I would strongly suggest coming down by 2pm to ensure that you get paid in and stamped so that you can to and fro as you like. I hope we don’t have to put a sold out sign but if I think it’s getting too full we might need to. If this does happen then next gig we will look into advance booking (now watch my hubris come crashing down with a low turn out!).

3. If you can bring as near to exact change as possible it will stop me head exploding (I only got a C at GSCE maths and that took a load of revising!). No major worries if not though.

4. If you have any Women’s or Children’s clothes or any toys that you would like to donate to Together Womens Project then please bring them down as we will have a collection for them.

5. Have fun!

6. If you have any questions before Sunday then feel free to drop me a line on

7. Mine’s a black coffee, a slice of cake or one of those posh cranberry drinks in the glass bottles if you’re asking