Well it’s been two weeks now since Biscuithead & The Biscuit Badgers, Gerrard Bell-Fife and Nicky Bray graced the stage of Wharf Chambers for us and I don’t even know where to begin!  We were sold out within minutes of the doors opening and without pouring any badness on any of our previous gigs – this one was seriously special!

Sadly OPS had to cancel their set for the gig (I’m sure we’ll have them back very soon though) so Nicky Bray (who you will have seen at previous Youth Anthems as keyboardist in Penny & The Sausages and bassist in The Pop Up People) very kindly stepped in to perform a solo set of food based songs.  I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect but any ideas I did have were totally exceeded with this incredible performance.  Luckily the set was videoed so you can all watch it again:


Next up we had Gerrard Bell-Fife who I’ve wanted at Youth Anthems for quite some time.  He had to battle the sound levels a bit (I don’t want to shush grown ups at the gig and I know we all want to catch up with our mates but lets use our indoor voices for the acoustic acts!) but played a stunning set of beautiful folk and judging by all the lovely comments I heard from the crowd, you all had a good one too.

Then the band of the hour!  Biscuithead & The Biscuit Badgers.  I’ve been told by nearly every band who’ve played at Youth Anthems we needed to get them down, so get them down we did!  Just to give you an idea of the crowd size here’s a shot the band took from the stage just before they began:



…and then awesomeness began!


Or your view if you are a four year old:


They were everything you wanted and more, hilarious, charming and they had the music to back it up!  I could have watched them for hours and it’ll take every fibre of willpower I have to not break my “no repeat guarantee” of bands for Youth Anthems and not have them back at some point.

Nice one!  I did think it was a tiny bit too busy and the reserving tickets vs. buying tickets thing got a little bit chaotic but I’ve had some thoughts on both those things and reckon it’ll all be a lot smoother for the next gig.  We also have some money now to get some t-shirts made (aiming to keep them a reasonable price but with some profits made so we can donate to charity) so keep your eyes peeled!

Speaking of charity you also donated so much to Leeds Baby Bank that we filled all these boxes!


If it helps that stack was taller than me (admittedly I’m only 5″7 but that’s a lot of donations so thanks everyone!  Youth Anthems #16 will be in July and has an incredible line up so follow us here, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (or best of all sign up to our mailing list) to find out first.