Youth Anthems

Family friendly, accessible and welcoming to all, punk/indie/folk/whatever gigs in Leeds and Brighton


When I first started going to gigs in Watford aged 13/14, there were little D.I.Y punk gigs in school halls, community centres, working men’s clubs, rugby clubs and even on a golfing green on one occasion. I was very lucky that I got to see some great bands and started to appreciate how great a scene existed and one that I have been a part of ever since.


Fast forward 20 years and I’m living in Leeds, married with a young Daughter. I’ve been putting on little D.I.Y punk gigs myself for the best part of 17 years.  I realised that for a lot of young people, going to a gig means heading off to a stadium or academy venue and being in a separate world to the band.  That’s not a terrible thing per se (I’ve seen some great stadium gigs) but I did wonder if there was a way to introduce the D.I.Y community spirit to people at a young age as well as ensuring that those of us who are responsible for Children of our own are able to stay connected to this scene when these responsibilities mean we aren’t always able to get to late night gigs mid-week.

So I started putting on gigs at a venue that I would normally use for D.I.Y gigs, with bands who would normally play these gigs but so that they are accessible to people and families of all ages. To make this happen some small changes have been made; the gigs are on weekends during the day (2pm-4pm), there will only be three bands playing and they might be playing shorter sets, there will always aim to be a quieter band and we ask the bands to curb the swears when they play.  There is also cake (but that’s always been a staple at gigs!)

Other than that it’s your normal D.I.Y punk gig but you can be sure you’ll be home in time for bed and you can bring the family along.

In 2016 Emma came on board and got working on Youth Anthems Brighton.  The same principles led the way and now the South Coast can get in on the fun!

We work on making these gigs as accessible as possible so if there is anything that gets in the way of you coming (physical access, ability, finances, not feeling welcome or represented) then just get in touch and we’ll work it out.

We also try and work as much as possible with local charities with many of the gigs being benefits so please get in touch if you think there’s a group we should be working with.  We’re always looking for new bands to play so please get in touch if you’re interested (though please don’t be offended if we can’t offer a gig for a while as we book them early!).