Break-Ups (L-R Luke, Si and Alfie)

Break-Ups are three of the nicest people I have the privilege of knowing.  Conveniently they are also one of the finest D.I.Y bands in England right now.  With members having past history in a range of indie and punk bands before/during Break-Ups (Bleach Blood, Human Pyramids and Serf Combat among others) and with two of them having rather healthy solo projects themselves, we have some rather good musical pedigree here.

Have a listen to one of their releases whilst having a read then make sure you’re down the front with a slice of Lemon Drizzle for them on the 7th.

Can you please explain where on Earth Dorking is? Preferably in relation to somewhere we know (like London).

Dorking sits on the greensand between the chalk of the North Downs and the clay of the Weald. Situated 26 miles south of central London and 36 miles north of the coast line of Brighton. Originally a market town for the surrounding villages and a half way (roughly) stopping point for traders moving their cargo from Brighton to London. Legend has is that Dorking was once ruled and governed in fear by A FIVE CLAWED COCKEREL!!! Dark times for Dorkinians indeed. Fed up by the Dreaded COCKEREL, Ralph Vaughan Williams local composer and down right badass fought the beast in an epic battle that tore through the Surrey Hills destroying crops and small fences, it was truly a sickening sight. Now, many years later, we have a statue of the great cock slayer Ralph V. W. and the dreaded Cockerel statue is located on a roundabout on the outskirts of town. Rumour has it the beast is locked in its metal casing, but for how long?!

Down to brass tacks. Who are Break Ups? What’s your origin story and what music do you have out there?

Break-Ups are Alfie, Luke and Simon and we all share the same Netflix account. Myself and Luke both had really awful jobs at the time and used to sit around my place listening to records talking about playing in band together. we finally got our act together and drafted in our good friend and all round good guy Jez (Drive-way speeding) on drums. He really brought it all together, he’s a hell of a song writer and helped structure what we are doing today. we recorded our EP and split with Old Flings with him on the drums, man’s a goddamn demon on them too!! He unfortunately (to us) had to leave to focus on different areas of his life. There is no bad blood between us and we still talk when and where we can. We then picked Si up from out of the gutter and we start recording our first album at the end of the month/ beginning of February…… probably?!

What are you most looking forward to about your visit to Leeds?

Oh jeez…… SO MUCH!! We won’t have a lot of time but Laynes Espresso is the first thing on the list for us!! They were dead nice to us on our first tour and sorted us out with some free coffee and we’ve been back ever since!! Really looking forward to trying That Old Chestnut’s vegan delights. I’m also hoping Ok Comics is open on a Sunday too. And seeing friends that we don’t get to see so often due to distance.

Top non-musical influences on Break Ups?

We’re all big readers and spend a lot of time with our heads in a book, both educational and fictional. I take a lot from the conversations I have with others in regard of writing. I try to address my own problems (as like many other song writers do) and put them in a way that other can relate too. Luke is very much the same in that respect too. But I think our biggest influence are our friends. We’re very lucky to have such talented friends both involved and not involved in the music scene and what they have achieved and are achieving is very inspirational.

What band or life related advice could you give our younger attendees?

Never give up on your dreams even if others around you say you’ll fail…. prove them wrong. stay true and believe in yourself. Start a band, write a zine, paint a beautiful picture, put on a show with your friends, keep an open mind, explore your town and beyond and while you do all of that, be nice and respect all of those around you!! How ever you choose to aim your creative outlook have fun and be respectful. and as for recommending a band….. listen to what makes you happy, as long as you like it, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. But I think theres a lot of great things you can learn from listening to Bruce Springsteen (I’m sure Toby will agree with me)

Favourite cake of Break Up members?

I’m lemon drizzle cakes BIGGEST fan (literally) Simon just screamed BATTENBERG and Luke is a big believer in power of the lemon drizzle too!!