In an effort to not get lost in apathy after today’s election result we’re linking up with members of the Fierce Babe Network to do a bit more for our community.

We’re aware that people are really struggling with the basics right now, so we will be hosting a Children’s Clothing Bank at all future gigs (starting this Sunday!).

This means that if you have any (clean/non-damaged) children’s clothes from new-born onwards that you no longer have a need for and would like them to go to people who might be in need of them then please bring them to any of our gigs.

We will then have boxes (separated by Children’s ages) where we will place the clothes so that you can come along and take them away.

So please come along and donate and please come along and take.

If you would like to come to this but can’t afford the entry then just mention that you’re here to look at the clothes and that will be fine, no judgements or further questions.