At our gig on May 10th we have the phenomenal local indie-popsters Finnmark! playing.  Here’s a quick introduction to them..!

What’s your name and where do you come from?

Is that a Blind Date reference? Well Cilla, we’re Finnmark! and we’re from Leeds!

Nice reference spotting!  Where does the Scandinavian love stem from? Is it the shared cold temperature with Leeds?

When the band first stared I (Edward) was hanging around in Sweden quite a lot (the band actually started in Gothenburg), and the first songs were written around that time, and Scandinavia crept into the songs and the bands aesthetic.

What bands would you see as the top influences for Finnmark! ? (I’m hearing a lot of Divine Comedy and Magnetic Fields?)

Well there are two bands that are staples of our DJ sets! Yeah, we love both of them. There is also a strong Field Mice and Another Sunny Day influence, along with some Scandinavian bands like Northern Portrait and Cats on Fire.

Why the exclamation mark? Do you shout a lot?

It makes you pronounce Finnmark! the correct way! It’s purely grammatical!

Top three ice cream flavours?

I, Edward, can’t really eat ice cream, only the soy one, and that is nearly always vanilla, so I will go for a classic Neopolitan. Strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.

Favourite Scandinavian fact?

Scandinavia publish more books per capita than any other are in the world!

What Leeds band should we all go out and listen to right away?

The Seven Inches!

Closing words?

Buy a guitar, write some songs, start a band