We bumped into Girl Gang Leeds at the ace Leeds Food Festival School Dinner event where they were face painting and generally adding a layer of glitter and grrr! to the weekend.  I got straight in touch to see if they could bring the fun to Youth Anthems and they haven’t disappointed.  Kate (Free Shop) got in touch to find out more about them.

Can you describe Girl Gang’s ethos? What are you all about?
We’re a creative community and we’re all about connecting people, providing a safe and fun environment, and celebrating and platforming the creative work of women and non-binary people. Our ethos is all about sharing skills, breaking down barriers, and being welcoming and friendly to all.

How do you bring that ethos to Youth Anthems gigs? What do you get up to while you’re there? Youth Anthems is such a lovely event to be part of – the welcoming and friendly atmosphere really echoes what we’re trying to do with Girl Gang, and we love being just a small part of the positivity and warmth in the room! We bring along all of our face paints and glitter – for both the kids and grown-ups! It’s a lot of fun and we love putting smiles on faces, young and old!

Is there a way to join Girl Gang Leeds?
We’re completely open to all – there’s no fee or membership card or anything. If you’re interested, you’re in the gang and our community is really strengthened by people who attend our events, chuck us a donation, support us on social media – anything. We’re always excited to see new faces.


What other kinds of events do you attend or run? Are there any others for young people and children?
We run all kinds of events, from informal monthly meet-ups to bingo nights, art exhibitions to gigs. We’re lucky to work with loads of talented people in Leeds who make our events so special. Depending on the venue – some of our events are welcome to all ages and some are 18+ (if they’re in bars!) – we aim to be as accessible as we can.

Can you list 5 fave tracks that sum up Girl Gang?

Dream Nails – DIY Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun The Regrettes – A Living Human Girl Bikini Kill – Double Dare Ya The Spook School – Burn Masculinity

Finally, where can we find out more about what’s going on with Girl Gang in the future?

We’re all over social media @GirlGangLeeds and we update super regularly! Facebook is your best bet for events as we put them all on there – we’ve already got some exciting stuff lined up for 2018 – including our birthday party at Chunk on February 17th with loads of ace bands!