I had a lovely coffee with the good people at City of Sanctuary Leeds today. We had a nice chat about how we can help be a welcoming bunch of folk to new arrivals in the UK and hopefully we’ll have some really exciting musicians appearing in 2016.
I was also really happy to give them a cheque for £450 from Youth Anthems which will be helping them continue their great work. Massive thanks to everyone who has bought one of our colouring in books or come to our gigs as its your money that’s been given. Huge thanks to the bands who played our benefit gigs (both YA #10 and the evening gig we arranged) so massive cheers to The Velveteens, The Seven Inches, Tea Leaf, Cordell, Syslak, Get Human and Crumbs.

Huge thanks to people who continue to donate clothes I heard a lovely story today about a family who arrived in Leeds the day after our last gig with only the clothes on their back and were given a package of clothes for all family members just from clothes from the gig the day before so nice one!

So let’s crack on, loads more gigs in 2016, keep buying the colouring in books and we’ll have a new exciting project which you’ll all love and which will also hopefully raise a nice wedge of cash for City of Sanctuary.

Nice one!