Seeing as we have The Three Amigos playing at our next gig it seemed like a good idea to get to know them better.  So a few questions were slung their way and here are the answers.  Be prepared for some serious controversy if you’re a fan of the incredible film that they share their name with..!



YA: OK important questions out of the way first…Best Three Amigo?  Steve Martin, Chevy Chase or Martin Short? Show your working.

Sarah: A further twist to the name is that I’ve never seen the film the 3 Amigos. But based on his work as National Lampoon, I’d have to say Chevy Chase. 

Carrie: This is a very difficult question for me! I think I would have to say Steve Martin, because Lucky Day is probably the most sophisticated of the group. He’s pretty suave.  But honestly i think El Guapo is my favourite character, purely for the line ‘a plethora of piñatas’, which is fun to say. I really have to get Sarah to watch the film! The third amigo would pick Martin Short, so he doesn’t feel bad. (I prefer him in Inner Space.) 


YA: For people expecting three of you, how come there are only two in The Three Amigos?

Carrie: When we were first discussing the idea of a ukulele band, our friend Sam was also going to play with us. On a drunken night out we decided that we could be ‘the three amigos’. But a few weeks later, Sam’s wife had a baby, so he’s on long-term (permanent) paternity leave.


YA: Approximately how often are you asked that question?

Every time we play. And sometimes more often than that. But that is the joy of the Three Amigos. We’re like Ben Folds Five and Electric Six – technically a breach of the trade descriptions act. But we do like to say that the audience is the third Amigo.

YA: Give us the history lesson about you two!  How did the Three Amigos come to be? 

Sarah:  It was all cooked up over several margeritas. Carrie, inspired by Tom from McFly, decided to purchase a ukulele and figure out how to play it. I already knew how to play the ukulele, so I suggested we play a bit together. We found some songs we liked online, like Weezer, and hey presto! the Three Amigos was born.

YA: How do you pick the songs that you cover?

Sarah: We just think of things! Do we like it? Can we play it? Does it sound good on a ukulele? For the record, and just so you know, I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston does NOT sound good on a ukulele. We were as disappointed by this news as you are. 

Carrie: It often comes from something we’ve heard on tv or in the office that week and if it pops into my head that that song would be awesome to play on a ukulele, then we get to work!

YA: When you started was it always the plan to do covers or were any originals floated?

Carrie: It started off with us messing about doing covers. It’s a lot of fun and we still haven’t got to the end of all the songs we would like to play. We haven’t got around to writing anything yet, but it’s a future possibility.

YA: What sort of gigs do you generally play and do different people/places affect the responses you get?  How do you find more family friendly events?

Carrie: It’s fun to see people’s faces when they realise what the song is we’re playing and they start singing along but there’s also a lot of laughter at our gigs because the kinds of songs we play sound very different on a ukulele and i love that!

Sarah: I like playing songs that sound funny on a ukulele – songs that weren’t designed for ukulele, like Run to the Hills. People get a kick out of it. We seem to go down well in all age groups, but especially children in the 3-11 age group. We got called ‘epic’ by an 11 year old last week. That was a high point.


YA: Top three bands and top three cakes?

Sarah: Top three bands – Weezer, Erasure, Madonna. Top three cakes: Bakewell, Chocolate, Lemon Drizzle Cake.

Carrie: Top three bands are AFI, Iron Maiden and McFly and top three cakes are the cherry bakewell cupcake from Love Rouge in Headingley, then maybe a salted caramel cake and carrot cake.


YA: Any parting words?!

Sarah: Get a ukulele, they’re fun and really easy to learn to play.

Carrie: and a plethora of piñatas.


Thank you The Three Amigos!  Come see them play at our next gig.  More info HERE if you’re on Facebook or HERE if you want to look on this here website.