This is a first…whilst listening to Maggie8’s incredible album “Lo” and thinking of some questions to ask them my four year old Daughter started piping up with some questions that she had for them.  So in the spirit of inquiry (and passing the buck) I decided to let her do the whole interview.  So…for better or worse (and well humoured by the lovely Maggie8) here is the interview.  I should also add that whilst you are all a very very lucky bunch getting to see Maggie8 play at Youth Anthems you should also pick up a copy of their latest album as well as all of their previous work.  They really are a unique and compelling band.  Describing themselves as “Hindi-Indie” they sit in the previously uncharted (well to my knowledge anyway) territory somewhere between Mumbai, The Housemartins, The Smiths and 90’s Shoegaze.  I can’t wait!

What other bands in Leeds are you friends with?
Mark: Musicians are terribly unreliable and make poor life friends. It’s better to get practical friends with professions to help you along in life. I recommend looking around your playground and finding a future plumber, solicitor, builder, electrician.

What language are you singing in?
Matt: Could be Chinese…maybe Ukranian?…potentially a bit of Welsh in there…Niv?
Niv: a Hopelandic version of Hindi sometimes …?

Do you prefer dogs or cats?
Pete: With the correct seasoning, both can be used to make a reasonable lasagne. However, as an owner of a couple of cats (though I fear the ownership may not be that way round) and an occasional dog borrower I find myself in a difficult position. What I will say, is that having recently been exposed to “Paw Patrol”, dogs are surprisingly adept at operating heavy machinery.

What music do you like?
Matt: I think we’re all pretty open-minded when it comes to music; As long as it’s performed by Beyonce, we’ll give it a try.

Do any of you wear glasses?
Mark: I wear glasses I do. I don’t think the others do. They are good for peeling onions to stop your eyes crying and cycling in the wind. I’m going to get a pair of glasses that can see into the future

Do you like cabbage? What other foods do you really like or not like?
Niv: Cabbage and coconut mash a South Indian delicacy..The team share a collective love for marrow also..

How loud will you be playing?
Pete: We’ll l be playing at a reduced volume compared to normal, but we’ll be ramping up our clothing loudness to compensate.

What are you favourite puddings?
Matt: Black pudding.

What books do you read at bedtime?
Mark: I like to read amazing adventures about riding on a big bird to far off lands with my best friend and discovering treasure all to done to be back home for tea. Which will hopefully not be cabbage. Do you like cabbage?