Story Time

Story Time

Right-O, not being able to put on our normal gigs for you is a right drag so to keep you all entertained I thought it would be fun to have our musical pals read you bedtime stories with the occasional song so here’s how it works!

Every week-night as long as Schools remain shut we will be live on Instagram at 7pm (@youthanthemsleeds) with Youth Anthems friend (or two).  The following day the previous night’s live video will be added to our Instagram TV channel and our Facebook page so you can watch again or catch up on any you’ve missed.

Here’s who we’ve had so far and who’s coming up:



Wow, we managed to post two updates in the whole of 2019, at least the rest of our website, social media had more of an update than that.  We’ve got some ace plans (as ever!) for 2020.  You can see our first two gigs and I’m pleased as punch to say our third date is confirmed already too so please don’t be offended if we can’t offer you a gig (or not until November!) we really appreciate everyone who wants to come and play and are working through the list of people who’ve been in touch.

Please keep telling your friends about these gigs as it’s really just word of mouth that keeps the magic happening (and literal magic with our next gig!).

Hope you’re all keeping well and come say hi on the 26th (of Jan and April!).


Long Division 2019!

Long Division 2019!


I cannot quite believe it but the every lovely Dean at Long Division Festival has asked us to put on a Youth Anthems gig as part of the festival!  On the Sunday of Long Division (2nd June) we’ll be nabbing three slots on the family fringe stage in the centre of Wakefield.  We’ll be announcing our line up soon but the bands will be playing alongside acts from #Youthteam and some amazing workshops as well as a record fair and some pretttttty sweet food.

2019 Baby!

Evening all,

Here’s my very sporadic not at all regular post (which should change this year I promise!).  We  have a seriously amazing year ahead with Youth Anthems.  We have four incredible gigs already booked for you (the first of which has already sold out!) alongside four incredible t-shirts from four amazing local designers for four amazing local charities (the first of which has already sold a ton of!).

I can’t wait to kick things off on January 20th and am so pleased to liven things up even more with some serious pushing of our musical boundaries!

Enjoy and see you all soon.

Family Friendly Leeds!

It’s such an amazing time to be a gig-goer with Children in Leeds at the moment, alongside our own gigs there’s an ever growing number of suitable gigs.

Last weekend Nicky Bray put on a great matinee gig with Biscuithead and The Biscuit Badgers, Captain of The Lost Waves and Nicky herself (what a line up!).  It was such a great afternoon and reminded me how incredible all three acts are (from the new Biscuithead material the next album could be the best yet).

Coming up on March 18th Made with Music have a young person focused matinee at The Brudenell and then Blyth Power (I know!) are playing a family friendly matinee on June 10th (more information here) at Wharf Chambers.

Get involved!


I should really just auto-format these posts so they just start with an apology for slackness!  Thank you so much to everyone who came to our last gig.  It really blows my mind that we’ve had two sell outs in a row now and once again it was such a special afternoon.  It was so great having our first workshop and Jemma was the perfect person to start these off.  I can’t believe that was my first time seeing the Captain of the Lost Waves, even getting me up dancing (all videos have been removed from the internet and future offenders will be begged to stop so please don’t!) I was mesmerised, such a talent.

We’ve added our May gig so please get involved with tickets, we’re going for a chilled out psychedelic/indie so enjoy!  We are also so lucky to have Kelly Boyle running an art workshop so get in touch ASAP as there’s only ten places available for that.

In other news our Summer gig (July) will be our fifth (!!!) Birthday party so for the first time we’re having some bands return.  No names allowed yet but I can confirm that all three have HEADLINED previous sold out gigs from different years.  Believe me this one will sell out within a few weeks after being announced so you might want to get your ticket at our May gig where they will be on sale first.





Ooof.  Sorry for no updates for a whilst, we’ve been juggling new babies, older ones starting School and woorrrrk (boo!). However we have these two amazing line ups for you in both Brighton and Leeds so head on over to the gigs page to find out more then get booking your tickets as the Autumn/Winter gigs are pretty popular (well it’s this or soft play so you decide!).

I also intend to sort out our record club as I have a load of albums I want to recommend so will be finding some time soon to get those written up.  In the meantime though I’d love to hear your record suggestions so if you wanted to write a review of any album you think would be good for fans of Youth Anthems gigs then email them over to and we’ll post them on this website.

Sunday – Helpful Hints!

OK folks it’s nearly time (this SUNDAY!). Here’s what to remember:

1. Have fun! Honestly that’s what it’s all about. Just enjoy yourselves and try and help other people enjoy it too.

2. If you have any spare change there will be cake, FACE PAINTING (!), lovely hot drinks (much needed coffee!) as well as merch from the bands (including our own CD and colouring in books).

3. We’ll have our Free Shop so feel free to come down and peruse the stock. Any items left over will be going to a range of local charities.

4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring ear defenders for your Children. There are foam ear plugs at the bar but these are really only suitable for older Children (around 10+) so make sure you have suitable protection for younger ones. The bands will be at a suitable a volume as possible but this is live music so will still be on the raucous side at times.

5. Get down for 2pm to see all the bands (and get a good spot!).

6. If you want some peace of mind then tickets are on sale from Jumbo Records (in person or online here: until 4:30pm on Saturday.

7. Have fun!

Youth Anthems #15 – The Debrief!

Youth Anthems #15 – The Debrief!

Well it’s been two weeks now since Biscuithead & The Biscuit Badgers, Gerrard Bell-Fife and Nicky Bray graced the stage of Wharf Chambers for us and I don’t even know where to begin!  We were sold out within minutes of the doors opening and without pouring any badness on any of our previous gigs – this one was seriously special!

Sadly OPS had to cancel their set for the gig (I’m sure we’ll have them back very soon though) so Nicky Bray (who you will have seen at previous Youth Anthems as keyboardist in Penny & The Sausages and bassist in The Pop Up People) very kindly stepped in to perform a solo set of food based songs.  I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect but any ideas I did have were totally exceeded with this incredible performance.  Luckily the set was videoed so you can all watch it again:


Next up we had Gerrard Bell-Fife who I’ve wanted at Youth Anthems for quite some time.  He had to battle the sound levels a bit (I don’t want to shush grown ups at the gig and I know we all want to catch up with our mates but lets use our indoor voices for the acoustic acts!) but played a stunning set of beautiful folk and judging by all the lovely comments I heard from the crowd, you all had a good one too.

Then the band of the hour!  Biscuithead & The Biscuit Badgers.  I’ve been told by nearly every band who’ve played at Youth Anthems we needed to get them down, so get them down we did!  Just to give you an idea of the crowd size here’s a shot the band took from the stage just before they began:



…and then awesomeness began!


Or your view if you are a four year old:


They were everything you wanted and more, hilarious, charming and they had the music to back it up!  I could have watched them for hours and it’ll take every fibre of willpower I have to not break my “no repeat guarantee” of bands for Youth Anthems and not have them back at some point.

Nice one!  I did think it was a tiny bit too busy and the reserving tickets vs. buying tickets thing got a little bit chaotic but I’ve had some thoughts on both those things and reckon it’ll all be a lot smoother for the next gig.  We also have some money now to get some t-shirts made (aiming to keep them a reasonable price but with some profits made so we can donate to charity) so keep your eyes peeled!

Speaking of charity you also donated so much to Leeds Baby Bank that we filled all these boxes!


If it helps that stack was taller than me (admittedly I’m only 5″7 but that’s a lot of donations so thanks everyone!  Youth Anthems #16 will be in July and has an incredible line up so follow us here, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (or best of all sign up to our mailing list) to find out first.