T-Shirt Club

T-Shirts!  We all love ’em, we all wear them.  Charity!  We all love them, we all want to help them.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could buy t-shirts (and other assorted merch) for ourselves and our families and make serious bank for local charities?  We’ll my friend you’ve come to the right place. 

For every gig in 2019 (and possibly beyond if I don’t crumble into dust from the stress of it) we will have a local artist doing an exclusive design for us on an adult and child t-shirt alongside a chosen piece of merch.  Each design will be a one off, only available via a three week pre-order with 100% of profit going to a charity of their choice.

These will always be sold via our Bandcamp page so keep your eyes on the prize!

Youth Anthems 23 – Will Tapply

There was never a doubt that we'd have Will involved in this project. Will is responsible for nearly all of our posters (honourable mention to Brendan Mannion for gigs one and two!)  He's also played twice at Youth Anthems and is just a general local legend. For this...

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Youth Anthems #22 – Drew Millward

So you all know Drew Millward right?  You know, the super duper nice bloke who not only basically gave me the idea for the t-shirt club but also volunteered to design an image for it.  You know even though he's a tad busy doing artwork for...I don't know...The...

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