So you all know Drew Millward right?  You know, the super duper nice bloke who not only basically gave me the idea for the t-shirt club but also volunteered to design an image for it.  You know even though he’s a tad busy doing artwork for…I don’t know…The National, Leeds Beer  Fest, The Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails, Phish, Queens of the Stone Age, Restorations, Deafhavan or Cloud Nothings?  Yep that same Drew Millward!

Drew gave us this incredibly beautiful cat design inspired by our January 20th – Misfortune Cookie, Backspace, Elizabeth Pickering gig and boy did they sell like hot cakes!  Drew picked a tote bag for his non-t-shirt mech and the look so good!

Sorry to all of those who’ve seen them since and regretted not ordering but you better make sure you order the next one!

Most importantly this t-shirt raised £500 for Simon on the Streets.  Go chuck them some more money for the incredible work they do offering street based support to those in need in Leeds.