It’s not often I’m lost for words but I’m struggling on an introduction here and when you see this explosion of pop music, indie rock and performance art I think you’ll see why!  When I heard that Nicky from Penny & The Sausages had a new band I had to book them but I didn’t know what I had in store!  Now I’m super excited to have The Pop Up People come and play for us.  Tuck in and find out more!

Who are The Pop Up People? Where do we recognise you all from??

Rachael: I played drums in The Seven Inches, Trapdoor Minotaur and various other bands over the years. I was also Vim the Voodoo Grandma in Madam Laycock and her Dabeno Pleasures. I’m currently popping up in The Pop-Up People and drumming in a new band Andy & the Browns.

Alice: I pop up occasionally in Rachael’s bands, sometimes on the gloc and sometimes on Bass guitar. I am also in Andy & the Browns on gloc too.

Nik: I was the Great Goblin in Gosforth East Middle School’s interpretation of The Hobbit in 1989. Since then I’ve wielded things in various pop combos including Leeds-based Albeit, Bonsai Kittens and Penny and the Sausages.

The Pop-Up line-up is completed by Kathleen, who fronted Madam Laycock and her Daberno Pleasures and also pops up with puppets as one half of Odd Doll Puppetry (

Do you have a different theme for each gig and if so should we be preparing special outfits for December 4th?

Rachael: I think we will be re-visiting a previous theme that was Pop vs Crisps, so expect crisp and pop banter and outfits. Our special guest will be Stacy Mellor.

We’re having a raffle at the gig, what’s the best prize you’ve ever won on one?

Nik: I gatecrashed a private gig at which my dad’s band was playing, got boozy on wine with my fab little sister and won a bottle of vodka with ticket number 666. Needless to say I was a very excited recipient.

The big question…top three desserts of all members?

Alice: Vienetta, Cherry Pie and Rhubarb Crumble/Custard.

Rachael: Tricky question!! Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake and Angel Delight.

Nik: Though I have a sweet tooth, I’ve got a very narrow taste in desserts. Can I have three cherry bakewells? If not, I’ll grudgingly add cheese and biscuits (if that counts) and chocolate mousse.

If you could only listen to one album, read one book and watch one film forever (we haven’t quite worked out how this scenario came to be but go with it…) what would they be?

Alice: Album Tindersticks first album, book The Little Prince and film Whistle Down the Wind.

Rachael: Album would be Incesticide by Nirvana, book would be The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo, and the film would be Pete’s Dragon either version. I feel I have gone a bit dark here.

Where’s your favourite spot in Leeds for a quiet read/coffee/cake when you get a spare minute (which now you have told us will never be quiet again).

Alice: Hotel Chocolat.

Rachael: Just Grand in the Grand Arcade, lovely cake and coffee.

Nik: I’ve only been a couple of times, but The Bowery in Headingley is very lovely. And they serve cheese scones, which are criminally underrepresented among the scone community.

Any advice for younger folk wanting to start a band?

Nik: Do it as soon as you start learning to play rather than waiting until you’re “good enough”. Have fun, don’t worry about making mistakes, be yourself, be lovely to those you meet on your musical travels, play what you enjoy playing and don’t try to be a rock star. And never turn up to practice without biscuits.

Rachael: Similar to what Nicky has said, just do it. Even if it’s a band that doesn’t play music all the time. I have been in a fair few bands that never even picked up instruments.

Alice: If you do it with people you like spending time with you will enjoy it more.

Just any advice in general for younger folk?

Nik: Have fun doing stuff you aren’t good at. There’s so much pressure on young folk to achieve and excel at everything and it’s actually a massive relief to do something where there’s little expectation or likelihood of you doing particularly well at it. I’m learning to ride a bike at the grand old age of 39 and that’s precisely what I feel each time I fall into a bush in front of amused children in a park.

Alice: Stay up late in the summer and wrap up warm in the winter.

Rachael: Have a laugh.

Which band should we get for a future Youth Anthems?

Nik: I think the mighty and marvellous Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers would entertain and unsettle children in equal measures.

Rachael: I also agree that Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers would be perfect. Another excellent band would be Pete Bentham and the Dinnerladies too.

Alice: Andy & the Browns (shameless plug).

Parting words?

Alice: Work hard, be kind and laugh and cry often.

Rachael: Go to Hull, it’s never dull.

Nik: Slap bass = slap face. (My philosophy on bass playing.)