OK, here’s the big news! On May 16th (i.e our next gig) in collaboration with Cat’s Aye Records we will be releasing a CD (and Digital Download for you hip modern cats). This release will be 20 bands (most of whom have played previous Youth Anthems gigs) playing a mix of original songs and covers with all of the money (like 100%!) from sales going to our amazing friends at Leeds City of Sanctuary. The artwork has been done by Will Tapply (of course!) and the CD version will include a version of the cover which can be coloured in. Ordering information will be up soon but the CD’s will be just £4 and the download version will be £3 (though you can pay more for either if so inclined!). The first chance to buy one will be at our next gig but here’s the artwork and tracklisting and head over to the Cat’s Aye Soundcloud to stream one of the songs (Shake Your Halo Down covering the theme from The Littlest Hobo):



1. Mike Park – Wiggly Wiggly Worm

2. Jesus and His Judgemental Father (featuring Demitaves, Chrissy Barnacle and Naomi Griffin) – Astroboy

3. Shake Your Halo Down – Maybe Tomorrow

4. The Three Amigos – Saved By The Bell

5. Patrick Craig – Arthur

6. Play Date – The Number Song

7. Grotbaby – Banana Splits

8. Andrew Cream – Bob The Builder

9. Tea Leaf – I Found a Way

10. Get Human – One Fine Day (In The Middle of The Night)

11. Zapiain – Thundercats

12. Esper Scout – Sabrina The Teenage Witch

13. Koo Koo Kangaroo – All I Eat is Pizza

14. The Seven Inches – Hanna-Barbera

15. Penny & The Sausages – Ghostbusters

16. Keith Burton – Twirlywoos

17. Happy Wags – Use Your Words

18. Pessimister – Everything Stays

19. No Ditching – Cuppycake Song

20. Wilful Missing – Sweet Dreams

Youth Anthems's photo.