Well this is a bit of a coup right?  I’ll admit when I booked this gig I only expected one of the bands to be able to play and I thought I’d get some less well known bands to support.  But when all four headliners get back to you then what can you do except put on one heck of a gig!

If you’re not familiar with Trust Fund then lucky for you we have some information straight from the mouth of a babe.  We’re super lucky to have a solo performance from Ellis and you really are in for a treat.  Have a read of this review here from Pitchfork to get a better idea of what to expect musically.

I think we’ve got a really lovely atmosphere for this gig and I think Ellis will be a great part of that.  For a chap from Bristol he’s really representing Leeds well (the new album title references The Harolds in Hyde Park and if you don’t recognise at least one person in the Dreams video then you’ve not been looking round enough at the gigs!)

So as ever, have a read, have a listen and enjoy (and get a Jumper that Ellis’ Dad designed)


So who or what is Trust Fund and how did it start?

Hiya! Trust Fund is a band that started playing shows in Bristol in about 2012, but it’s also a name that I’ve given to music that I make on my own since about 2010, or maybe earlier. I don’t remember how it started really. I thought it was a funny name but it doesn’t seem that funny now.

You’re originally from Bristol but now reside in Leeds, how did that come about and how do the two compare?

I moved to Leeds to go to university – I’m doing a PhD which is mainly about how social media affects DIY music, maybe in some bad ways. It’s pretty similar to Bristol in that it’s a city that is big enough to have at least one of everything. I think weirdly Leeds is maybe more gentrified in terms of city centre bars and restaurants and stuff, but it also has cheaper rent and cool places like Wharf Chambers. I like both cities a lot.

It’s our Birthday party you’re playing so what’s the best Birthday you’ve had?

My most memorable birthday was when I was 10 – I had a football party, and when I was playing in goal my dad took a really hard shot at me and in saving it I broke my arm. Some people might say that your dad breaking your arm on your birthday is not the best thing that could happen, but I got loads of attention and sympathy, and probably extra presents.

When it comes to recording how does it work for Trust Fund? Do you write everything or do you get certain members involved?

I write most of it, and then for some things people write their own parts. We have sometimes recorded in a studio, and sometimes I have done it in my house — you can usually tell because it sounds terrible when I record it myself.

How have you found Leeds as a musician? Are their particular pros and cons specific to Leeds for you?

I don’t know about as a musician, cos I don’t feel that involved in making music here – most of Trust Fund live in other cities. But as a person who likes going to gigs it’s great. You couldn’t ask for more.

What are your top three things to do in Leeds when you’re not gigging?

I like walking around Woodhouse Ridge, and currently I am combining that with looking for Pokémon. I really like Hyde Park Picture House and I see a lot of films there. I also like swimming and I like going to new swimming pools — Bramley pool is a weird and fun place that I would recommend.

Top three desserts?

Well I’m vegan which means my favourite desserts are really boring, and also I mainly only have dessert when I make it, I think. The desserts I like making most are lemon sponge cake, chocolate orange tart, and pineapple upside down cake. I have made all of them once.

Top three records that led to the Trust Fund sound being created?

A Hard Day’s Night by The Beatles Blonder and Blonder by The Muffs You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever by Orange Juice

If you had to recommend one album to a young person just figuring out music for themselves what would it be and why?

Oh, I think it’s up to you. Whatever you hear that sounds weird and fun.

Top three animals?

Axolotls, dogs, and worms.

Parting words?

Goodbye forever!