Hello fellow users of the World Wide Web!  Once again I find myself apologising to you for the lack of updates here.  Well here’s a handy bullet point list for you:

  1.  The last gig was aaaaaaaaaaaawesome!  How good were those bands?  The crowd were pretty good too (pat yourselves on the back!).  We also raised £250  for Wheatfield’s Hospice so genuinely thanks for all of your kind contributions.
  2. The next gig is our third Birthday party so I’ve put together a BIG line up.  We’ve had quite a few noisy ones lately so whilst it won’t be totally sedate (it is a party after all!) all the bands will be suitable for all ages and will be nearly all acoustic.
  3. The CDs had some issues with being pressed but the pressing has now been OK’d by the pressing plant (thank you Discwizards!) so anyone who has ordered one will have it with them within the next two weeks and I will be posting up pictures as soon as they are here (so expect more information ASAP!).  City of Sanctuary need as much help as possible with the current political climate so I hope we can raise them some serious dosh with this project (it’s also an incredible CD it that helps).