It’s an odd post to put up telling you that we have a website as if you’re reading it then well…you’re looking at the thing!  But we’re so happy that it’s here that we’re ignoring general conventions of logic.  The talented/lovely Mark Pavey from Mark Made This who you might also recognise as the singer of Pacer (and formerly of The Steal) has designed and created this beautiful online oasis that you now find yourself at.  Our very own Kate designed the logo too!  So if you have webdesign/branding/illustration needs then seek these two out pronto!

We’re going to be adding content (look at us using the proper words) as regularly as we can so keep an eye out for the monthly record club, interviews and lots more.

You can also sign up to our mailing list and from December we’ll be sending out a newsletter around 3-4 times a year telling you about all the cool projects we’re upto and letting you know a teeny bit in advance of everyone else about how to get tickets for all our upcoming gigs and secret things (SECRET THINGS!).  So sign up that below.

Thoughts/questions/ideas?  Just email!